Test & Measurements Applications

Our innovative fiber-sensor technologies have successfully evolved into unique test and measurement solutions for a broad range of scientific and engineering fields. Please have a look at the application areas where our test & measurement solutions provide unprecedented advantages that will lead to substantial cost and time saving.

Examples of Applications and Unique Features

  • Pinpoint power “hot-spots” in circuits or other RF hardware
  • Identify precise location of RF emissions and EMI sources
  • Locate specific sources of cross-talk and radiation from within a circuit
  • Observe the separate amplitude and phase responses of parallel signal paths at the internal nodes of circuits (e.g., in a power-amplifier circuit)
  • Separate the electrical responses of individual stages of a circuit or individual modules of a system

  • Compact-range measurements of antennas without disruption to the antenna
  • Individual element level troubleshooting of antenna-array underperformance
  • In situ calibration of phased-array antennas
  • Highly detailed, non-invasive, reactive-near-field characterization of new antenna prototypes
  • Characterization of near-field-power-transfer beams

  • Field measurements from DC to 100 GHz without changing probe or instrumentation
  • Probe the interior of an enclosure for characterization of packaged circuits or for RF leak-testing of the package
  • Characterize the interaction of RF fields, such as those from MRI, with medical instruments and implants
  • Interference-free measurement of the spatial dependence of high-power-microwave (HPM) signals for the characterization of human effects
  • Determine locations susceptible to arcing in RF manufacturing applications
  • Characterization of electrical and magnetic RF properties of materials, including anisotropic media
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