Technologies Enable the Future

The concept of optical fiber was introduced in the 19th century, while remarkable developments throughout the latter half of the 20th century made optical fiber arguably the most attractive mode of data transmission. In fact, optical fibers boast significantly broader bandwidth and lower loss per unit distance than any copper-based cable. Moreover, optical fiber is capable of transmitting multiple signals along one fiber without any interference between the signals. Plus, it is completely immune from external electromagnetic interference.

At AFS, we have developed a variety of optical-fiber sensor technologies, through which the unparalleled advantages of optical fibers can be used for the benefit of test & measurement applications. In particular, the use of optical fibers for sensor applications allows scientists and engineers to perform delicate test & measurement tasks without concern for EMI between the sensor and the test subject. Furthermore, the small physical size of fiber sensors, along with the outstanding flexibility of optical fiber, allows fiber sensors to reach locations where other conventional sensors cannot. And most importantly, the broad bandwidth of optical fiber benefits any type of sensing application.

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