Non-Invasive, Turn-Key Test and Measurement Systems

Our innovative, turn-key test and measurement systems utilize unique optical-fiber-sensor technologies of non-metallic construction. As a result, AFS instruments are non-invasive and interference-free. AFS Internal-Node Prober and Reactive-Near-Field Scanner systems for measuring microwave/millimeter-wave signals have a spatial resolution of several micrometers, as well as a frequency response that stretches to W-band (> 100 GHz). These AFS test and measurement systems are self-contained, require no expertise in optics for their operation, and feature completely enclosed optical beam paths. The fiber-mounted probes may be fixed at specific test nodes, or they may be scanned through a region of interest to generate a map of, for example, a particular polarization of electric or magnetic field. AFS is currently expanding its product line from our principle electrical test and measurement instruments to include other applications such as thermal and mechanical probing.

Electro-Optic/Magneto-Optic Signal-Measurement Kits

To assist in conveniently adding electro-optic and magneto-optic measurement capabilities to existing experiments or test stations, and to do so as a more cost effective alternative to our turn-key systems, AFS recommends our research-grade, kit-based solutions for your electromagnetic-signal-measurement challenges. Our electro- optic and magneto-optic kits may be used to directly detect vector electric and magnetic fields, respectively, as well as their associated voltages and currents, both noninvasively and with freedom from interference. The three standard kits are : Time-resolved electro-optic sampling or magneto-optic sampling (Pico-Sense Kit); Time-resolved sampling with THz spectral bandwidth (Tera-Sense Kit); and Field-sensing measurements appropriate for swept-frequency amplitude and phase characterization of microwave and millimeter-wave signals (Spectra-Sense Kit). These kits are the product of more than 40 years of combined non-linear-optics- based measurement research and development by the founders of AFS, and they are comprised of carefully chosen components that have been thoroughly tested.

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